About Us

Just two brown girls growing food, setting intentions and feeding our tribe. Jo is a native New Orleanian with a wealth of knowledge about the city, foraging and fishing. Jo holds it down with the muscle and thought partnership (helps Dana keep her feet on the ground). Dana is a California Dreamer who fell in love with the city and its people. She is the visionary, gardener and chiromancer. Together, we make Cager Family Farm. Our dream to expand past our backyard gardening has been in the works for a while, rooted in the desire to feed our people responsibly, teach folx how to grow their own food, and source a small apothecary.

We are learning and growing every day, spending our time studying others, reading and taking risks by trying new things, practices, varieties and recipes. 

The thing that makes our set up different is our food has to grow, in real time. No warehouses or factories here, just old fashioned photosynthesis and lots of love. Notice anything about our produce list? We do not grow fruit. Occasionally a melon or two. Fruit attracts pests and animals in the worst way. We do not like to use harsh chemicals or pesticides; heavy preference on companion planting and hypervigilance. In order to include fruit in our boxes, we shop with local black farmers. We are so excited to share our space and food and knowledge with you all.