Grown with intention

My bloodline is filled with earth workers and growers so being outside elbow deep in soil brings me great peace and connection with my elders and ancestors. In an effort to do something I truly, truly love I have been encouraged and empowered to expand my gift beyond my small community and share good food with others. So, I'm opening my backyard to you, sharing items grown from seed, by my hands, with the best intentions to nourish, restore and energize. Welcome!


Customer Reviews

"They are completely changing the way I think about food..."

Cager Family Farm has completely changed my life and way of eating. I always thought I was getting high quality vegetables from the store but I was WRONG. You can taste the love and dedication in every bite. There is such a wide variety of vegetables to choose from and they are all equally delicious. I get so excited every time I get a new selection of vegetables, everything is so fresh and flavorful. And it doesn’t stop there! The herbs are phenomenal and elevate every dish. Plus the pickles are DIVINE! I can’t say enough good things about this company! They are completely changing the way I think about food and I can’t wait for them to share this gift with the world.


"She also has a wealth of knowledge in regards to agriculture."

I’ve gotten fresh produce and herbs from Dana’s garden a hand full of times now. Her produce is organic and free of harmful pesticides. She also has a wealth of knowledge in regards to agriculture. Dana gave me helpful pairings - recommendations for what dishes to prepare with said herbs. She definitely has a loyal customer in me.

-Dana Graves, Food Blogger